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The Karma Yoga Centre

The Karma Yoga Centre is set in the lush gardens of elegant Southbroom within a few meters of the beautiful Southbroom Golf Course and around one kilometer from the beach. The gardens have been landscaped to encourage quiet reflection under the trees listening to birds and ones own heartbeat and mind. The ambience & energy created by the facilities and decor gives visitors and students a sense of peace and happiness, as if one had arrived home after a long journey. The area offers many activities for the whole family over week end retreats and functions.

The meaning of Karma yoga:
This is the path of selfless service. The yoga is of action, where service is given without the expectation of reward. The action is dedicated to God, and the practitioner aims to let go of the fruits of the actions. Karma Yogis believe that all actions [physical, verbal, mental] have consequences and we should be responsible for them.





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